It has been awhile since we’ve
posted on the
Blog. The reason for the Blog’s
silence the last 12 months is the
focus shifted from mountain
climbs and trans-continental
treks – Shifted from the doing of
expeditions to the writing about
having done them.
So now we have an exciting surprise to
share with you. The result from
being quiet is -drumroll- this announcement:
Coming this month (January) is the publication of a new book by our favorite mountaineer, Walter Glover.
Entitled: “Mount Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro,” Walter’s new book is part I of the Seven Mountain Story series. His first book will be launched during January at a presentation he’s been invited to give at Mill Race Center, the beautiful new Columbus (IN) senior center where he volunteers as facilitator of the grief group. His talk will begin at 2 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 28 and will feature breath-taking images from Mount Everest and Kilimanjaro. And, his new book will be available for purchase at the MRC presentation.
Walter / Wally said : “Thank you for following the blog along. I know from your many comments how you have enjoyed it. And I so enjoyed writing about all the mountain expeditions and Camino. Writing has long been close to my heart – Did you know I trained as a journalist? Several of you encouraged the idea of a book. So I did it – I wrote the book and now it is published. And thanks to Mill Race Center, a most beautiful facility with a wonderful staff, we are pleased to launch the book there. The MRC staff invited me to begin its new speaker series about “Seniors’ Passions.
“I hope you will be able to join us on Jan. 28 in Columbus, IN, at Mill Race Center – For the presentation and the book launch. Thanks to so many of you who have supported me and 2Trek4Kids to fight youth obesity. And my thanks to NorLightsPress which is an outstanding publishing partner –
“Come join the expedition on Jan. 28 ! And if you cannot attend I hope you will order the book – Available in Columbus at Viewpoint Books, and on (digital and print), and at Borders. If you will be using Amazon to order the book simply go to the Amazon site for books, and enter:
Mount Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro by Walter Glover
“May God bless you and your’s. Thank you. ”
Below is more info about the Jan 28 event.
– – –
Mountain expeditions around the world that funded the fight against youth obesity in southern Indiana will be the focus of a presentation and a book launch by a Columbus (IN) senior citizen and mountaineer on Jan 28.
Walter Glover, age 67, will speak at Mill Race Center, talking about his climbs on five of the Seven Summits, the highest mountains on each continent, and his 490 mile trek across Spain. A retired hospital chaplain and former journalist, Glover began trekking and climbing at age 59.
The presentation, which features breath-taking images, begins at 2 p.m., Thursday, Jan 28 and will serve as the occasion to launch his new book, “Mount Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro,” Part I, a Seven Mountain Story.
Glover’s climbs raised more than $130,000 to establish youth obesity clinics for the St. Vincent Hospital southern Indiana health ministeries. These facilities are located in Salem, North Vernon, and Bedford.
He has written the first in a series of books about his treks and climbs, with this book about Mount Everest when he was age 59, and Mount Kilimanjaro at age 61. His presentation will cover those expeditions, plus his climbs in Russia, Australia, Argentina, Mount Rainier in Washington state twice, and his trek across Spain, El Camino, the Way of St. James.
Walter is hosted by Mill Race Center where he facilitates its bereavement group. A certified grief counselor, he also volunteers in that role for Our Hospice of Southern Indiana, Columbus, and for Wings for the Journey, the latter a group for bereft parents.
Walter worked in pastoral care as a hospital chaplain for St. Vincent Hospital the last 15 years of his career, retiring at age 65 in 2013.
The books will be available at a number of locations including
Viewpoint Books in Columbus,
Borders, and
Read more about Walter and his mountains and fund-raising for St. Vincent Hospitals in southern Indiana on the various sections in the blog:
Thank you and God bless you.