Rainier Re-Do II

Walter Glover is well and has resumed climbing! Once again he will go up to raise money for youth obesity prevention and treatment. Having now raised $100,000 with fund-raising climbs around the world on five of the Seven Summits, he returns to Washington state 11 June, one week away! You may remember he fell there nine months ago. The fall on 12 Sept 2012 superficially disclosed broken ribs. Most importantly, doctors found an aneurysm on his aortic arch – the main distributor of blood to the body from the heart. Three aneurysms ultimately were detected. Following 12 weeks medical leave for open heart surgery, Walter returned to pastoral care chaplaincy at his St. Vincent Hospital ministeries in Salem and Bedford after the New Year. He also returned to Colorado to ski and climb – and that went well. While there, he celebrated his 65th birthday.

Now retired, Walter continues to raise money for St. Vincent youth obesity prevention and treatment programs. And to advocate for senior wellness. “Two mountaineering friends suggested Rainier saved my life with the fall. Well, that being the case, I think it is important to offer gratitude, so ,I’m going back to thank the mountain, and its Creator. And, as long as I am there, this time I want  -God willing- to get my boots  and my bootie up on the summit,” Walter said with a laugh pointing at his feet and his backside. Say a prayer please for safety and favorable weather as a number of this season’s summit climbs have been cancelled halfway due to adverse conditions, and for summit success. Partner with us with a pledge if you will. See the tab marked “Rainier Brochure ” to find a pledge form for giving info and opportunities.


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